In February 2021, Regina-based Clifton Associates Ltd. (Clifton) was selected to begin engineering work for the Westside Irrigation Project. Clifton will also be partnering with Stantec and Associated Engineering to start the Westside Projects.

Clifton’s team will complete the overall engineering preliminary design for Westside Rehabilitation and Expansion, projects 1 and 2. Their work is expected to take 12 to 18 months, and will inform the next project of work, including:

  • Preliminary engineering design for project 1 and 2

  • Geotechnical, soil suitability and geographical mapping

  • Environmental consulting services

  • Playing a central role in the extensive consultations with First Nations and other stakeholders, which will also start in the near future.

Clifton has spent more than a decade intensively involved in a variety of irrigation studies within Saskatchewan. They are among the most experienced engineering firms across Western Canada and have delivered on other large-scale infrastructure projects in the past. Clifton provides a strong team to review the environmental scope of the work required to complete the initial stages of the necessary provincial and federal regulatory approvals and permits. There will be careful assessment of potential impacts to environmental protection, downstream users, and communities, including consultations with First Nations and other stakeholders as part of the process.